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Feeling lost with taxes? Unsure where your money goes each month? Stressed by investment options? Longing for a deeper understanding of your money?

Glad you’re here, we can fix that 🙂

Are you ready to get your sh*t together? Join the Solid Ground program where we address these challenges and more. Receive personalized guidance in a supportive, non-judgmental setting. No matter where you’re starting from, you’ll leave with clear goals, a detailed action plan, and the drive to take charge of your finances.

Let’s get started on your path to financial empowerment!

The Solid Ground Process:

We’ll have four meetings over four months, covering the following topics:

  • Meeting One: Organize your finances & set your financial goals.
  • Meeting Two: Understand your cash flow and taxes.
  • Meeting Three: Demystify your investments.
  • Meeting Four: Personalized recommendations and action plan.

Here’s what you can expect out of each meeting:

Meeting One: We’ll go over all your financial information that you’ve collected (don’t worry, my planning software makes this a breeze). See all your numbers in one place. That means your investments, bank accounts, credit cards, insurance – all the money stuff. If this is a little scary to you, I feel you. This all happens in a safe space – no judgment.

Meeting Two: Cash flow is where the magic happens. We’ll walk through what’s coming in the door and what’s going out. Together we’ll build a strong budget so you can save for the future while still having fun today. We’ll also review a tax projection for the year so you can plan ahead. Whether you’re a tech worker with stock options or an online creator with inconsistent income, we’ll cover your tax situation together.

Meeting Three: What’s the difference between a bond and a stock? Should you invest your money in 401(k) or a Roth? How do you start investing? We’ll break down the basics of investing and pinpoint the best strategies to reach your goals. We’ll also cover how to protect your assets, including insurance coverage.

Meeting Four: This is where it all comes together. You’ll get your personalized plan, including recommendations & action steps. We’ll walk through your long-term cash flow projection so you can visualize where your hard work will take you.

During each meeting, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and share what’s on your mind. In between calls, I’m here for you too.

Still need help after we’re done? Depending on what you need, we can work together on a limited engagement or you can sign up for ongoing financial planning. Limited engagement pricing will be based on the topics covered. Ongoing financial planning is $5,400 per year and is subject to availability.

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Pricing for the four-month financial planning program is $3,600, with 50% due at signing and 50% due upon completion. Credit card and ACH are accepted.

After the four-month program, clients have the option to have add an additional one-time engagement or become ongoing financial planning clients. Either option must be taken within one year of the initial engagement. The pricing for a one-time engagement will depend on the topic(s) covered. Ongoing financial planning is $5,400 a year (billed at $450 per month) and is subject to availability.

For Washington state clients only:

The above-noted fees do not apply to Washington clients. For clients based in Washington state, ongoing comprehensive financial planning consists of an upfront charge based upon our hourly rate of $300. Follow-up services and meetings will also be tied to our hourly rate of $300. The upfront portion of the fee is for client onboarding, data gathering, and the development and delivery of the financial plan. This work on the initial financial plan will commence immediately and will be completed within the first 120 days of the engagement. Therefore, the upfront portion of the fee will not be prepaid 6 months or more in advance of rendering the service. If no work is provided to the client or the work that is provided does not meet the required hourly threshold, the amount due will be reduced according to the work that was completed, and any unearned, prepaid fee will be refunded to the client.

Once the plan has been delivered to the client, we will continue to monitor the plan and will schedule additional meetings with the client as needed. The quarterly fee will be due in arrears, upon receipt of an itemized invoice disclosing the work completed and time spent over the previous quarter, tied to our hourly rate of $300, and payment is due promptly upon receipt of the invoice. The client will receive an invoice disclosing how the fee was calculated (number of and length of meetings, any additional financial plan research and documentation, as well as other agreed-upon work that was completed following the meeting) and the time period that the fee covers. The fee is negotiable in certain cases. Fees for this service are paid by electronic funds transfer. This service may be terminated with 30 days’ notice. In the event of termination of any agreement, any prepaid but unearned fee will be prorated and refunded to the client and any completed deliverables of the project will be provided to the client. The client will be billed for any earned but unpaid fees for work completed up to the date of termination.

For fees paid by electronic funds transfer, we use an independent third-party payment processor in which the client can securely input their banking information and pay their fee. We do not have access to the client’s banking information at any time. The client will use their own secure portal to make payments.

Are you ready to get your finances in order?

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